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Beat Yesterday

For those who want a better version of themselves, every day is a challenge.

On June 23th, Garmin will help you achieve a healthier lifestyle through sports and healthy nutrition.

Join the competition with yourself and register to "Get Fit with Garmin" in a family hurdling race, hurdling race, cycling, fitness or nutrition classes.
We can help you beat yesterday!

Registration fee:
50 lei / person for family running race, running race with obstacles, cross country MTB.

FREE: Subscription: Nutrition Class, Body Combat and Open Air Yoga

Social cause: 20% of the registration fee will be donated to Special Olympics (http://specialolympics.ro/), a global move that harnesses the human potential through the transforming power of sport. Special Olympics helps people with intellectual disabilities to be accepted and involved as active members of their communities.

Whether you like to run or ride at Get Fit with Garmin, you can do it all.

First, we warm up on a hurdling race and then we take a ride at Cetatuia Park!

The participation kit contains:
  • Official T-shirt
  • Contest number
  • Timing chip
  • Medal on arrival
  • Surprise!

Terms of participation:
  • Participants must be at least 18 years of age. Participants under the age of 18 must have the written permission of a parent.
  • Participants must show payment of the registration fee.
  • Participants must have an original identity document and a self-signed statement to be handed to the volunteers at the kit delivery point.

Declaration on self-responsibility Download here

Self-responsibility statement Minors Download here

How to pay the participation fee:
  • ONLINE, until June 15, 2018 inclusive. Follow the payment instructions that appear after completing the registration form. If you would like to make the payment later, use the link in the confirmation email.
  • By bank transfer or cash deposit at the bank's cash desk until June 15, 2018 inclusive.

Once you have paid your participation fee, please send proof of payment to hello@fitwithgarmin.ro

Payment details:

Asociatia Clubul Sportiv Alpin Universitar
IBAN RON: RO16RNCB0106153476500005
Banca: Banca Comerciala Romana– Cluj-Napoca
Payment details: First Name, Last Name / Get Fit with Garmin

World Class reveals the secrets of outdoor fitness with two classes for different tastes: Body Combat and Ancient Yoga Flows. And because sport, without a balanced and healthy diet, is irrelevant, we invite you to attend a nutrition workshop. Whether you want to know more about a sportsman's nutritional needs, whether you want to change your lifestyle, and you need tips & tricks, this workshop is for you! A healthy nutrition is essential to having a healthy body and gaining a good health!


It is easy to practice, it doesn't confine you to closed a space, it helps you stay in shape and it also helps improve your state of mind... If you did not get the clues yet, we are talking about running and its advantages... So, how about an obstacle run?

Join the competition with yourself and run together with Garmin on June 23rd in Cetățuia Park

We guarantee you 3 km of sheer fun! (The course measures 1.5 km and will be completed twice by every participant).

Limit of competitors: 150 persons

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Healthy habits are learned in the family, first! If you love outdoor activities and wish to have fun, register for June 23rd at a race dedicated to families. Hurdling is a competition where you will have to collaborate in order to pass through the key points of the course.

The course measures 1.5 km and will be completed once by every team composed of one child and one parent or legal tutor. Age groups where you can compete together with your child are: 4-6, 7-9, 10-12 and 13-15.

At this race a maximum of 100 teams can participate.

Follow us for clues about the news of this edition – the family race!

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Apart from the fact that riding a bicycle is a super relaxing activity, this fun habit brings you a lot of health related benefits

We invite you on June 23rd in Cetățuia Park to pedal on a 7.5 km course (1.5 km x 5 laps).

On the course you will be pleasantly surprised by the technical segments that you and your bike will cross together.

The show will be yours!

Limit of competitors: 60 persons

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Fitness and Nutrition

Ancient Yoga Flows is a more refined presentation of some collections of yoga techniques, which from the exterior might be perceived as postural dynamic suites. However, incorporating Kriya, Pranayama, Bandha, Mudra and Nada Meditation, we come close to Hatha Yoga, transforming these Traditional Dynamic Series in precious and complete yoga practices. The impact of these differences, of these details, is so vivid, that it will remain with you both in the personal practice as well as while attending other group classes.

Darius Moldovan from World Class awaits you June 23rd at an Ope Air Yoga class, on the plateau in the Cetățuia Park.

Participation limit: 100 persons

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It is the most complex training where you will be totally free! Body Combat, created by Les Mills experts, combines moves and positions inspired by martial arts - kickboxing, karate, taekwondo, capoeira, muay thai – in an athletic training during which you will become fit in a record of time. The adrenaline, the stimulating music, the energizing choreographies are part of a fresh training, that stimulate both the mind and the body. At the end of the class, it gives you the invigorating feeling that you are ready to face all challenges.

Paul Herinean from World Class awaits you Saturday June 23rd, at an open air Body Combat class, on the plateau in Cetățuia Park.

Intensity level: advanced

Type of training: cardio, strength, tonifying

Participation limit: 100 persons

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During the nutrition workshop we will shed some light on the basics of nutrition and on the healthy eating recommendations we hear about every day:

Nutrition myths - – truths, errors or half truths

Where does the nutritional balance lay in our life? ? How can it condemn or save us?

The complexity of weight control. The equation of weight loss – an equation with multiple variables and very strong constants.

The workshop will take place at Belvedere Hotel and it will be presented by Asist. Univ. Drd. Laura Gavrilas, Dietician.

Number of available places: 100

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  • Friday June 22nd, at Garmin Cluj HQ (Calea Dorobantilor 33-37) between 11:00 - 14:00 and 16:00 - 20:00
  • Saturday June 23rd, at the venue, between 07:00 - 09:00

Please bring with you the declaration(s) completed.
You may find them in the signup confirmation email or on the website below:

Sworn Statement Declaration
Sworn Statement - Family Race Declaration

* Kits for: obstacle running for adults and families or XCO


Results for the Running, MTB, Running Family Race


Daniel Osmanovici Interview
Daniel Osmanovici at Get Fit with Garmin 2018

Sport is the Example I Give to My Kids.

Beat yesterday! http://fitwithgarmin.ro/en/register

Daniel Osmanovici, known for his overwhelming energy and the world record for the longest meteo news show in the world - 37 hours and 11 minutes, non-stop (!), is not only a friend but also an ambassador of Get Fit with Garmin 2018. In spite of a highly demanding profession such as news presenter and editor of Observator at Antena1, Daniel has also an impressive sports track record: the Rome Marathon finished in 2h 59 minutes and the famous MTB competition – The First Escape (Prima Evadare) (2018) that he has done in 2 hours and 49 minutes.

For Daniel Osmanovici sports is the way to rebalancing, the means to set his thoughts in order and to find solutions. “It is my way to find the necessary energy in order to keep up with my two kids. Without sports and the way it transformed me I think I could not have owned today the world record for the longest weather news broadcast - 37 hours and 11 minutes, non-stop - in the world. Sport is the example I give to my kids.” – declares Daniel in an interview for the 2018 Get Fit with Garmin edition

His activity and principles bring a new meaning to the event’s motto: #beatyesterday. - “Thanks to running I discovered my own limits, I have learned how far and in what way I can overcome them and, from my point of view, that is a something exceptional.” adds Daniel Osmanovici speaking about his favorite sport – running: “I love running. Probably I love it because I like being among other people who enjoy running and sharing the friendship in the same way that I do. A runner can understand pretty well what you feel when you are among 19.000 persons prepared to run, how it is to reach your limits and to overcome them.”

And because at Get Fit with Garmin we gather all those who have families and careers, it is interesting to see how others manage to combine career with the challenges of amateur sports. Daniel Osmanovici is the living proof that we can, and we can do it in style: “I am actually working during the weekends, when competitions are held. This forces me to present myself at my highest level. On the other hand it is an example that I can present publicly. This minus is also a plus because I am among the few in my profession who do sports at this level. An I sincerely hope that we will be more and more” – declares Daniel with its typical optimism.

As a Get Fit with Garmin 2018 sports ambassador, convinced that the power of a role model is the only and best way to educate the new generation, Daniel Osmanovici sends to all participants a simple yet profound message: “Running is about feeling good. If at the end of a race you do not smile it means you din not enjoy it. Involve your family as much as possible and what you will feel during the race and at the finish line… it will bring you the largest smile and the biggest joy that you might have ever experienced. ”

Thank you Daniel for your friendship and support and see you at the START of the Get Fit with Garmin 2018 edition.

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Darius Moldovan Interview
Darius Moldovan, World Class at Get Fit with Garmin 2018

Monitoring your own effort is like a game where you get better and better!

Beat yesterday! http://fitwithgarmin.ro/en/register

Darius-Ruben Moldovan, is part of that category of people that encourages us daily to become better in what we do. Being a World Class instructor, Darius is the Get Fit with Garmin Ambassador and promotes enjoying yoga, cycling and complete physical training.

The idea behind the event "Get Fit with Garmin" is to stimulate as many people as possible to become active, to get in shape or to keep fit. Often this process is an act of sustained and conscious will, and in a world where our will is subject to many temptations and trials, for Darius Moldovan, 34, maintenance of motor-cortex skills is a priority. In other words, maintaining the ability to plan, execute and control voluntary movements.

Also from the perspective of a person who has devoted a long time to sport and professional life, Darius-Ruben Moldovan draws attention to the importance of couple and family life, which should not be neglected because they are major contributors to people’s physical and mental balance.

One of the secrets of the World Class instructor is the increasing results effect of self-monitoring. In Darius's opinion, monitoring your own effort is like a game that you will become better at and will actually cause your performance to imrpove.

In concordance with our motto: "Beat Yesterday", Darius-Ruben Molodovan invites you to yoga, cycling and a complete workout to increase your overall motricity and get back in shape. Any visible progress is an incentive for the next step of physical training and psychological harmony.

As a sports ambassador at Get Fit with Garmin 2018, Darius supports the development of the young generation in a sporting spirit by participating in summer sports camps and regular mountain trips.

We thank Darius Moldovan for all of his support and see you at Get Fit with Garmin 2018.

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Iulia_Gainariu Interview
Iulia Găinariu at Get Fit with Garmin 2018

Sport is a lifestyle.

Beat yesterday! http://fitwithgarmin.ro/en/register

Iulia Găinariu, 24 years old - winner of three „Piatra Craiului Marathon” and holder of the race record, winning numerous mountain running competitions in the country including „Ecomarathon”, „Ciucas X3”, three times winner of „International Marathon of Brasov”, national champion of „Youth Marathon” in 2015, bronze medalist at the world championships for long-distance mountain running together with the Romanian team of Premana, Italy 2017 – endorser of Get Fit with Garmin 2018, an ambassador this edition and as a "multi-sport athlete" as she would selfportrait.

"For me, sport is a lifestyle. I have understood from a young age its benefits and role, so for me sport is indispensable to everyday life. Whether I run, ski, go to the gym or just do gymnastics at home, I like to maintain an active lifestyle that I always aim to combine with a healthy diet. Sport keeps your muscles toned, muscular vitality, develops heart muscle, maintains the circulatory system, drains the lymph, burns unwanted fats, oxygenates the mind, and many more advantages about which we can talk endlessly. Sport is for me is the No. 1 "medicine" in prevention of illness and old age "- Iulia Găinariu relates, charming as always, about the importance of sport in her life.

Basically it does not matter what sport we play as long as we move and we enjoy ourselves. "I consider myself a “multi-sports” person and I love to do sport. My favorite is running, but I love skiing, snowboarding and diving, I also like biking and I love mountain walking. "- says Iulia, whom some of us met on a mountain and at mountain competitions.

A living proof for “Beat Yesterday”

Regarding mixing careers, studies, performance sports and personal life, Iulia revealed herself as person who raises the bar every time and trusts that she can succeed. She is a living proof of the “Beat Yesterday” principle. "At this moment I am living the biggest challenge of my life: I do competitive sports, I am studying medicine and in the same time I do medical practice in the plastic surgery department, I work as a trainer at “County Braşov Athletics Association” and try to take care of my family. I do not have kids yet, that would be the icing on the cake. It's hard to manage everything, it takes a lot of sacrifice, many lost movies, many hours of lost sleep and lots of parties or meeting friends that you miss, seems boring, but when you know your goals and desires, you do whatever you can to fulfill them. "

Initiating new generations in the pleasure of doing sports

Concerning children and “professional” sport, Julia would eliminate the term. In fact, “the association of professional sports and children should not exist. Coaches insist so much on the specific preparation of children at the expense of the multilateral approach that when they get older they are already tired and a large majority of them are lost along the way because of this.

Of course, there are a lot of other causes that can contribute in the loss of athletes from young to older categories like financial shortfall, un-motivating training conditions and many other shortcomings. "

Being a trainer herself, Iulia Găinariu, advised that coaches should focus on multilateral development, on the game, on group activities that should develop the competitive spirit, on strengthening the relationship between the coach and the athlete, but also on the relationship between athletes.

By analyzing current generations, a great deficiency in Romanian sports, and especially in athletics, is the attitude of parents towards sport. "There are parents who take medical certificates to school to relieve their children of physical education hours. If you as a parent, forbid your child to do sports and indoctrinate him with this totally wrong approach. The main reason is not to sweat and get a cold, when he becomes an adult; this "ex-child" will do the same thing with his children, if he does not realize there are other ways to approach it. Unfortunately these children will not have a harmonious development; they will be less powerful than others playing sport, less competitive, less ambitious, etc.

As a conclusion, a moderate, not excessive, well thought out approach of playing sport brings only benefits to the body, whether young, adult or elderly. "

For the participants “Get Fit with Garmin 2018”

Iulia Găinariu tells all those enrolled to enjoy the event as much as they can and when it is difficult for them to remember why they have entered a competition voluntarily to be aware it would be disappointing for them not to give their best. They should listen to their body, not to force it, to work harmoniously with it, to train for the event, and to hydrate well.

Thanks to Julia for your support, advice and inspiration! Beat yesterday and we’ll say hello from GetFit with Garmin 2018 “at the starting whistle!”

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Ionut Golban Interview
Ionuț Golban at Get Fit with Garmin 2018

Sport is a very important part of my life

Beat yesterday! http://fitwithgarmin.ro/register

Ionuţ Golban (33 years old), software developer at Garmin Cluj, is among one of those teammates whose sporting appearance hides countless training hours and many kilometers of runing. The jolly smile, his characteristic courtesy and the agility of his reactions portrait him as an active person with an enviable sporting background: Two “Ultramarathon Via Maria Theresia”, two 2x2 Race and “Retezat Marathon” editions, five “Apuseni Marathon”, “EcoMaraton”, “Piatra Craiului Marathon”, “Ciucas X3”! Today we learn more about his motivation and how he manages to combine a mentally demanding career with practicing sport.

As an active person, Ionuţ practices many sports - running, swimming, cycling, but his favorite sport is mountain running. "I like running for the overall well-being feeling thet I get after training, both physically and mentally," he excitedly explains.

The commitment to sport in his everyday life is impressive and we believe that Ionut is a living example of how to approach both physical activity and life. "Sport is a very important part of my life, I can not imagine how life would be without sport. I am practicing sport for pleasure, and I like to think that I will always do so. I run out in the forest, on the trails, trough grass ... Sport means reconnecting with nature after some long hours spent in front of the computer. "- Ionuţ Golban reveals in an interview given to the Get Fit with Garmin edition 2018.

And because those who understand the importance of everyday gestures and habits, I asked what would be the challenge that Ionuț Golban would consider the most relevant to the motto of our event: #beatyesterday. His answer was fast and decisive: "The biggest challenge is to grab your running shoes after an exhausting day in the office and start your training." Ionuț concludes.

Continuing the discussion on the subject of motivating the new generations of children and young people in having a healthy lifestyle and take care of their own bodies, Ionuţ Golban emphasizes the importance of sports classes in school and the need to introduce nutrition as a subject. "I would create campaigns that promote professional athletes in schools, which can be introduced to children and can talk about the importance of sport in our lives. I would also make sure that those children get introduced to sports events (at school or after hours) to see hands on what sport truly means. "

Being a sports ambassador of Get Fit with Garmin 2018 even for his team at Garmin, Ionuţ Golban makes an essential recommendation for all the participants at the event: "Make sport for pleasure, be aware of the benefits it brings to our lives. Choose a healthy lifestyle, and include at least 30 minutes of sports in the daily rutine. "

Thank you Ionut for being an example and for your support, we'll meet at the start of “Get Fit with Garmin 2018”!


Get Fit with Garmin, (June 23, 2018, Cluj-Napoca) is an event that combines individual or family fitness, obstacle running, cross country MTB, training with outdoor yoga sessions and nutrition seminars. It's a modern approach to family sports that wants to show that a competitive sporting course can be challenging and fun at the same time! Under the slogan Beat Yesterday we want to motivate participants to overcome their own limits in a safe and relaxed environment!

See you at the meeting point: Cetatuia Park to get started. You can register by following this link: http://fitwithgarmin.ro/register

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Zsolt Langviser Interview
Zsolt Langviser AT Get Fit with Garmin 2018

Sport is my journey towards self-knowledge.

Beat yesterday! http://fitwithgarmin.ro/register

Having the title of national champion at amateur duathlon, national champion at triathlon in his age category, several podiums wins at various cycling, running, duathlon or triathlon competitions, as well as a respectable list of abandonment and failures, Zsolt Langviser is one of the colleagues at Garmin who "invents" his time for training and competitions.

At the age of 42, Zsolt is a constant source of creative ideas and solutions for integrating sport into personal life with family and friends! "Beyond passion, sport is my journey to self-knowledge. It gives me structure, energy and the disconnection that is vital in order to live a balanced life. Since engaging my children as well, sports experience has become even more relevant. "- briefly explains Zsolt Langviser for whom the „Beat Yesterday” motto is a testimonial of his lifestyle.

From his perspective, a continuous challenge is to create harmony between time spent with family and the one dedicated to professional projects. Fortunately, "Family and professional life make me" invent "the time required for training and competitions. It's a continuous challenge, but in time you become creative. " No excuses’ says Zsolt, with the lightness of the man who has gone through many endeavors.

At Get Fit with Garmin it's about multilateral sports development, Zsolt Langviser explains why he practices triathlon as well as road and MTB cycling and alpinism. "I do not have a favorite sport, I appreciate the specificity of each activity: the intensity of the cycling or triathlon competition, the introspection and the feeling of freedom offered by climbing."

Being an experienced athlete with outstanding results, Zsolt takes out of his ' ideas box' some tips to be consider by the participants at the multisport event Get Fit With Garmin:

#1 If you are a beginner and want to progress quickly at your favorite sports, consider having a mentor. You will avoid many of the early 'lessons'.

#2 Engage your children and friends; through them, your motivation to do sports will reach a different level!

#3 It's important to win, but the way you manage your failure will define you as an athlete.

#4 For cycling enthusiasts: http://www.velominati.com/the-rules/

Emphasizing the need to start school-based education in schools, Zsolt Langviser (a parent himself) points out that presently this aspect seems to be overlooked by romanian institutions. "Recognizing that sporting experience is transferable into 'life experience' (!) - will be the next step that will help in our collective progress." - notes Zsolt confident in the importance of individual sporting experience, that contributes to the harmonious evolution of many aspects of our life.

In addition, Zsolt Langviser also proposes some elements that could be useful in educating the young generation and building a balanced sports culture:

  • Developing an accessible sports infrastructure
  • Integrated programs to educate and advocate for the standard of sport class in the education system.
  • Educational and informative programs for parents to encourage them to engage their children (instead of looking for relief from sports classes)
  • Programs for the evaluation, recruitment and support of sports talents.

As a Get Fit with Garmin 2018 sport ambassador, Zsolt Langviser encourages us to be creative in regard to the time devoted to different activities, and to track the progress of our passions and in the same time instilling a positive and health-oriented attitude among the younger generation.

Thanks very much to Zsolt for advice, for the clarity of your ideas and the constant example you give us. Beat yesterday! See you at Get Fit with Garmin 2018!


Get Fit with Garmin, (June 23, 2018, Cluj-Napoca) is an event that combines individual or family fitness, obstacle running, cross country MTB, training with outdoor yoga sessions and nutrition seminars. It's a modern approach to family sports that wants to show that a competitive sporting course can be challenging and fun at the same time! Under the slogan Beat Yesterday we want to motivate participants to overcome their own limits in a safe and relaxed environment!

See you at the meeting point: Cetatuia Park to get started. You can register by following this link: http://fitwithgarmin.ro/register

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  • Cetățuia Park, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj
  • From: 09:00 - 14:30